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Coming into a program of recovery is not a new experience for me, yet previous attempts to straighten out my life left me with little feelings of strength for the road that lay ahead. My overall life experience is not unlike others, where I had been driven to a point of desperation and hopelessness. Therefore, once again seeking out help was a path that left me with only a shred of belief in my abilities and value as a human being. I could never have imagined that in the short path that lie ahead how my most visceral beliefs of myself, knowledge on the process and components of recovery, and my overall confidence as a valuable person could have completely transformed. At this point I can begin to accept the fact that life will always be full of its difficulties and troubling times that can leave us all in despair, however the beauty of life always lies on the other end of a difficult road, and that which is to be gained can not be substituted with any other kind of joy… Thank you to all of the staff of Believe, and the grace of God. I am so grateful to once again have my family, my identity, and my future reinstated.

Robert R, Pennsylvania

When I finally agreed to get help for my addiction I was 39. I had very specific needs I wanted to have met. 1). I wanted to go to Florida and 2). I needed a program that could help with mental health as well as substance abuse. I got both of those in Believe Treatment Center. From the minute I was picked up at the airport to the day I was discharged I felt cared for in a way I never expected. Not only was my therapist accessible—daily if necessary, but all of the therapists were there to help you heal and get better. The groups were educational and interesting and the owner made it a point to get to know me. I would recommend Believe to anyone suffering from substance abuse addiction.

Stephanie D, New Jersey

Before coming to Believe, nothing in my life was going remotely in a good direction. My entire life revolved around drugs and alcohol, and it left me living a nightmare that I never saw coming. Believe afforded me a blessing, a second chance that I never thought was possible. Between the group and individual counseling, along with sober outings and plain old sober fun, I was able to find a new beginning and hope, something I didn’t even know existed. I never knew that I could be happy without drugs, but Believe showed me how to enjoy life, and how to build meaningful relationships. They loved me, until I was able to love myself. My family and I have a relationship that I could only dream of while I was using, at one point, they wouldn’t even answer my calls, now, they look forward to having dinner together as a family. I couldn’t be more grateful to Believe, and all of the staff there, they truly helped me to learn how to “believe” in myself.

Tim P, New Jersey

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