If you have developed a drinking problem, understanding your options for treatment is important. Our alcohol rehab center will offer you the highest possible level of care so you can arrest your alcoholism. When you first enter treatment, you will receive a medical and psychological evaluation. After you are admitted, you will begin the detox process, or getting your body used to being without alcohol.


We work closely with luxury detoxification facilities, and will be by your side every step of the way during that phase of your recovery. At Believe Treatment Center, we offer state of the art therapies and treatment modalities to help you understand your addiction to alcohol, and how to overcome it.  Group therapy among peers as well as individual therapy will benefit you during the early stages of treatment. It allows you to open up about your addiction to other people who are experiencing a similar struggle. During your stay at Believe Treatment Center, you will receive care for your alcohol addiction that is second to none, through individualized treatment, small group sizes, and Joint Commission accredited medical care.

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